With no political background, Md. Mahtab Alam’s journey to politics is inspiring


RJD leader and social activist Md. Mahtab Alam has emerged to be an inspirational figure for the youth of Bihar. Being born to a middle class family in a small town called Siwan’, Md. Mahtab’s major focus was always his education. Even as a kid, he understood the importance of education and therefore, after completing his schooling in Patna, Bihar, he moved to Pune for higher studies.


He completed his graduation and MBA from the prestigious Symbiosis Institute.
Mahtab always lays importance on the betterment of the youngsters of Bihar. Years ago, when he moved out of Patna for the first time, he was concerned about how there was only one train from Patna to Pune which ran only once a week. The lack of appropriate transportation for migrant students prompted him to do something about it. Despite having no political connections or interest in politics, Md. Mahtab came forward to find a solution to this problem. He talked to his friends and gathered people for the cause. They collectively wrote about 30,000 letters to then-railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav mentioning the transportation issues between Patna and Pune. As a result, Lalu Prasad eventually announced the train four times a week. It was Mahtab’s first victory in terms of public interest.
Even when he brought such a big change in people’s life, he had not thought about joining politics. Mahtab says ‘joining politics was never on my mind’. He mentions, “I have no political background. But my grandfather was a member of Bihar Labour Union. I grew up watching him participate in protests and raising his voice for people’s welfare. His activities had subconsciously impacted me. He was always my inspiration, even though I never planned to join politics.”



However, he used to understand the issues of people around him and would work on finding solutions. He says that helping people gave him the peace of mind that no other activity could give. After completing his graduation, while his friends took lucrative job offers or started a business, Mahtab came back to Patna to do something for the society. Clueless about what route to take, he met Lalu Prasad’s eldest son Tej Pratap who guided him towards politics.
After joining Rashtriya Janta Dal, he became an active leader of the youth and constantly raised his voice for the common man. He was one of the politicians to come forward and demand justice for 8-year-old girl Asifa, the victim of Kathua Rape case. He has been working tirelessly amid the pandemic to provide, food, medicines and other facilities to people who can’t afford.
The people of Bihar recognize him as a leader for the common man who understands their issues and takes immediate action to solve them.

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